All About My Winter Break!

Winter break in my opinion is the best break of the year. Our break started on Thursday the 22nd  after our half day and we came back on Tuesday the 3rd. Here are some highlights of my 2016-2017 break!

Thursday and Friday

It all started on Thursday after school when my grandparents arrived. ( They live in Rochester, NY and came to visit for a week.) For the whole day we all just sat around and talked. Then on Friday I went out for a day with my parents. First we went to Ron’s Grille and Bar in Exton for my first time there. Their food was amazing plus i was very impressed with the holiday decorations there. Next we went over to Hobby Lobby which I was very excited for because I had never been there either and I love looking at home decor. After that my Dad ran a couple more errands and we went home for the day. Here are some pictures of Thursday…


Hobby Lobby

Christmas Eve (Saturday)

This was our first Christmas with our Dog, Lily, and she is very crazy. My Dad was cooking on Christmas eve like always and Lily was getting in the way so we decided to let her open a present early!

She loved it so much that she spent 3 hours non stop chewing that bone until it was all in her belly!!! Later that night I went to my boyfriend, Joey’s aunt and uncles house for Christmas Eve dinner. Joey and I hung out with joeys cousin Evan and my friend Courtney who happens to be Evan’s girlfriend. The whole family played Pollyanna which is a gift exchanging game and i ended up with a wine bottle full of chocolate candies. Here are some shots of us and dinner.

After that I went home and took some pictures with my family before we went off to bed.

The last picture is a teddy bear Joey gave me for Christmas and a fuzzy pillow from my grandmother.

Christmas Day (Sunday)

On Christmas Day we always go to my Grandparents house for breakfast and presents. After that we all go home and meet again at my house for chinese food for dinner. Here are some pictures of that.


On Monday, Joey and I went out shopping with money he get from Christmas to buy him a nike jacket!

Then my Mom an I took Lily to the vet to get a bump on her joint checked out.


On Tuesday, Joey and I went shopping at Kohl’s and then had lunch at Ron’s!

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I just chilled at home. On Friday night I went to the mall with some friends and then back to Ron’s for dinner but sadly I didn’t take any pictures.

New Years Eve

On New Years Eve I went to my friends house for a  party and then came home and went to my neighbors party for midnight.


On Monday, Joey and I drove to bear creek to Snowboard. This is a picture of inside the lodge.


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