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They stand there in a circle cheering each other on, getting ready for the big last game, as the team captain provides support. After the win the feeling of accomplishment adds to amazing season.


This photo was taken during one of the filed hockey game right after victory an Iphone 6s.

Night was arriving its time to celebrate the great holiday Halloween as this little boy stands there wait to show his Dino costume to all of the parents giving out candy. as we walk up to one the door he say “raw” to the parents i could tell the want to hug and say “Aww” but the hand him his candy and he seams to be having fun.


this was taken in side the little boys home he was wearing a Dino onuses the Dino it is green it was taken during the night on an Iphone 5c.

after a long day shopping i truly did “shop until i drop” after looking for the perfect homecoming dress I ended up finding a new leather jacket which I ended up no getting, two new dresses one for school and one for the dance. Truly if let a girl run free in mall she will “shop until she drops” so never take girl to mall unless you want to spend a lot of money, especially me.


this photo was taken in a dress room right after I got finishes try on another homecoming dress i was in Hollister trying on my second dress i toke this photo with my Iphone 6Se.(I didn’t this dress that I tried on in the shop.)

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