All the land

The sun about to set so you can look over the corn from the corn maze as you look in the clouds you can see the colors of the sunsets. It’s a beautiful sunsets and I had a fun time with my family.


This was taken at a local farm in morgantown me and my family go every year even as we get older it still so fun to go, there are different patters each year too, I toke this photo with my Iphone 6Se.

All across the lake are covered in lilly pads you can’t see the many fishes inside the lake there are many flower cover the lilly pads making the lake look beautiful. What happens if you where to add some water lanterns in the lake what would the lake look like would still be beautiful.


This was taken at french creek at one of many of theres lakes, I toke this back during the summer when we walk around one of the lakes and there seem to be a lot of lilly pads that day and I toke this photo with my Iphone 5c.

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