Downtown Elverson



During the trip to Elverson the weather was cold and everyone had to wear something warm. We learned facts on the trip. Some facts about Elverson is that Elverson’s earliest settlers arrived in the late 18th century when the area was known as Springfield. Later dubbed Blue Rock after a deposit of peculiar rocks not far from the town, it remained largely rural until the arrival of the Wilmington and Northern Railroad in 1870 (Elverson Wiki).

Brianna, Sky, Jared, and Gustav went into the pizzeria and Gustav bought a slice. They later went to a deli and we took pictures of the pictures in the restaurant. Later the adventurers went to a graveyard to climb some trees and take some pictures of the old gravestones. Then the adventurers wanted to go to the wood store and check it out only to find that the store was the place to be if we wanted to buy some pipes, valves, screws, wood, etc.

After the fact we walked around everywhere and spotted Oleg and Rhiannon walking around in the graveyard. That was then the end of our trip. These facts are true. In the Elverson not many people really go there to go take pictures so our class of Mr.Vanemon went to Elverson for a field trip. In conclusion we had a fun time in Downtown Elverson.

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