Elverson Field trip

Elverson is a small town in south east Chester County Pennsylvania. Elverson was founded in the late 18th century and was then known as Springfield. Then was later named Blue Rock because of the large rocks close to town. 1899, James Elverson the owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer and it was then named Elverson. Most houses in Elverson have a 19th or 20th century look to them.

Elverson Historic District was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993. There are quite a few people that live in such a small town. In 2000 there were 959 people, 412 households, and 313 families living in Elverson, PA. Elverson has lots of homes in it 1 mile radius. Elverson borders the Hopewell Big Woods. 1953 Elverson gained a whole mile of land to expand the town.

Mr. Vanemon’s 4th block Photography Class took a field trip to Downtown Elverson on December 20th. They had many places to explore like the houses and community buildings, restaurants, and Livingood Park. They took many picture some even stopped for a snack at the pizza place. They all had their own unique pictures that were shared on their photography blogs. They had an experience that helped them grow as photographers.


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