Joanna Furnace Road Trip

Unlike today’s establishments with their vast structures and complex hierarchies, the 19th century iron industry at Joanna Furnace was the creation of jagged individualism. Settled in a range rich with iron ore, ample woodland for charcoal, limestone, and waterways to provide power, rests Joanna Furnace — a momentous trace of Berks County’s successful initial iron production. From the semi-wilderness of Robeson Township, in 1791, Samuel Potts, Thomas Rutter III, Thomas May, and Thomas Bull created Joanna Furnace. The furnace was appointed in nobility of Pott’s spouse Joanna Holland Potts. Joanna Furnace Complex was an iron kiln that functioned from 1792 to 1901 in Robeson Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Bethlehem Steel, who deeded it to the Hay Creek Valley Historical Association in 1979, obtained the furnace. The ruins have been well maintained and are vulnerable to tourists.










This combination of Joanna Furnace photography was taken mid November 2016, in Morgantown, Pennsylvania with an iPhone 7 Plus.

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