All the small details truly don’t show the full structure as se each on is different to get the full image you want to take a panorama, you can really see the full structure and all its details. As the tower keeps going you see many different colors but there one thing that you can’t see which is the other side or the top.

gold tower

The structure is an piece of art work filled with different colors squares this was taken in Philadelphia during the summer of June this was taken use the panorama function on my Iphone 5c.

The best type of photo are to take them early in the morning just as the sunrise or late at night when the sunsets well what if it was just before you see the sunrise but you can see that clouds have change color. The rest could be in the shadows like the street,house and the trees making it focus on the clouds in the sky and nothing else.


Just before I head to school I’m going take a picture of the clouds they way look before the full sunrises this picture was taken right on conner of penn wood in morgantown with my Iphone 5c.

As explore Reading you see many building just show the whole thing and everything thats going on in the background is just the best, you can really see what the structure of the building is and what they people are doing in the background. To show the full building make’s you want to head inside to explore whats the difference from inside and the outside.


To show the full building this photo was taken in panoramas the building was the center hall of reading this photo was taking during the day in the summer of june, the photo shows the many windows and the true structure with other thing surrounding the building.

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All the small details truly don’t show the full structure as se...
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