Road Trip to St. Peter’s Historic Village

Saint Peter’s Village is a township situated in a tight canyon alongside French Creek. Saint Peter’s is a 19th century community situated in Chester County, Pennsylvania that is set in Hopewell Big Woods. The erosion of the diabase banks by the creek has produced enormous boulders to tumble into the stream. The igneous intrusion that formed these diabase banks also substituted limestone or marble in the immediate rock with iron ores. The occurrence of the iron ore directed to the formation of the French Creek iron mines in 1845. The main street, St. Peter’s Road, is creased with isolated residences, a hotel and restaurant, and a number of minor specialty works. Saint Peter’s Village is nevertheless a national historic place to visit.








This combination of St. Peter’s Village photography was taken early November 2016, in Chester County, Pennsylvania with an iPhone 7 Plus.

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