Saint Peters Photography Field Trip

Saint Peters Village is an old historical site in Chester County, Pennsylvania. It is local to Twin Valley High School and is a quaint village with many attractions. Such as ice cream stores, herbal shops, and the main Inn. The structures are built on the side of hills. Below are large rocks and a rushing river that make the scenery all too majestic.The Inn at St. Peter’s was created in 1881 by Dave Knauer, he made his inn as a recreational retreat from a long week.

In 2005, the building went into construction to revitalize the old worn down look. St. Peters Inn offers “bed & breakfast” housing for a relaxing get away.  They offer 6 rooms and one suite. Everyone room is different and allows a unique visit. Along with a bar and in house dining, there is a luxurious patio for a late evening. (

On Monday, April 28th, 2019. The Twin Valley High School Advanced Photography class took a field to observe the landscape and to take some interesting photos. The weather was perfect, roughly 70 degrees fahrenheit and barely any clouds in the sky. The lightning allowed the students to photograph their surroundings easily.

Away from the town, the students also photographed the hiking trails and the rivers with rocks. The trails includes many types of graffiti such as chalk and carvings. Down in the river, the sun beautifully reflected off of the water and the gorgeous scenery of the rocks made for a great day overall.


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