Saint Peters Village

Saint Peters Village is located in Chester County, Pennsylvania and is a popular spot to go to for both locals and tourists. The historic village has been around since the 19th century and is a part of French Creek State Park. Due to its iron ore, French Creek was discovered and has been opened as a State Park ever since. There was once railroad tracks running through what is now known as Saint Peters Village for transporting materials.

The village area consists of speciality shops and a restaurant that appeals to the public.
Saint Pete’s attracts people from all over as it has a beautiful scenery and environment to see. It’s huge rocks and flowing water makes it an enjoyable day for people of all ages. The rocks can be seen throughout the area as they are covered in graffiti art which appeals to the public.

The advanced photography class at Twin Valley High School took a field trip to Saint Peters Village on April 8th, 2019. All eight students and the teacher, Mr. Vanemon, packed into a school van and took the ride down in the early afternoon. Once the students arrived, they went off to explore and take pictures of the surrounding environment. A popular photograph was the graffiti art on the rocks around the hiking trails, but the creek was also a popular area as well. Some students brought camera’s from the classroom, but due to limited camera’s meant that some student used their phone’s and still came out with amazing pictures.

Overall, the students in Mr. Vanemon’s photography class took some fantastic pictures and had a good time doing it. Luckily to the students, they had a sunny, seventy degree day to accompany their trip. The class took some amazing photos and really made the trip worth it. It was a fun trip all around and the students hope to take another trip somewhere else to venture out and take more cool photographs.

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