Saint Peters Village 2019

Saint Peters Village is a 19th century historic “company village”. Saint Peters Village is located in Chester County Pennsylvania. The village has a creek with huge rocks/boulders surrounding it. This is due to erosion of the diabase dikes that caused the boulders to fall into the creek.

The owners of the village opened up a hotel called “Excursion House” so that people can visit the cute village. The village is currently owned by private owners and the residents and owners make sure that new construction in the village is limited. By doing this the historical site and nature is preserved. Currently in the village there are many little shops, and places to eat so that people visiting will have a great time.,_Pennsylvania

On April 8th, 2019 advanced photography students from Twin Valley High School took a field trip down to Saint Peters Village. The purpose of this trip was to take pictures of the town and the nature/artwork that is all around the trails. There is many different pieces of graffiti all on the rocks and the trees posted around the village. The weather was perfect for the trip.

Due to the fact that is was in the high 60’s the students were able to walk around the trails and they got to enjoy the sunshine for a few hours. Many students took the time to look around for the artwork that they think is pretty and that has a lot of meaning to it. It was also a great opportunity to get to experiment with the cameras provided (Canon) and get to use the different settings that the camera provides. This field trip was a really fun and great experience for the Twin Valley High School students.


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