Springton Manor

          Springton Manor is a state park in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The 300 acres that reside in the park initially belonged to a William Penn Mansion in the 1700’s. The property consists of long stone walls, open fields, the Penn Oaks, a museum, trails, scenic views, gentlemen’s country estate, and a feel for the colonial era. In 2009, along with Hibernia Mansion, Springton joined the Rural History Confederation.

          The Manor is known by the surrounding area as an nature experience for all ages. Children can learn about animals and farms, along with being immersed into nature. Springton offers trails and walkways all around its property to give everyone a trip to remember. Springton Manor is a place for all ages to have a good time with nature. It seems that everyone who goes, comes back refreshed.

         On a cold, fall afternoon, the class all gathered into a small yellow short bus and headed out for Springton Manor. At around 1:45 the bus arrived at the Manor, giving the students 45 minutes to gather photos. The air was crisp and ripe with potential. The animals were let out and they grazed in the fields to the delight of the students. After a good amount of pictures were taken, they gathered back into the bus and off to the school.

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