Springton Manor Farms

On three hundred vast acres in Glenmoore Pennsylvania is Springton Manor Farm. Springton Manor was originally a part of the William Penn Manor, and is over 300 years old. Today, it is being used for agricultural purposes, and also as a demonstration farm for new visitors. Springton Manor has been in use since the 1700’s and is still in great condition.

The property includes a farm museum, a pond, a few trials, and a couple greenhouses. Springton Manor Farm also has multiple barns and sheds. These barns and sheds house a large variety of animals like chickens, horses, goats, pigs, sheep, donkeys, rabbits, and more. The property also has a manor house, though it is not open to the public.

On November 22, 2017 the Twin Valley High School Advanced Photography Class went on their first field trip. The class left the high school at 1:00 pm to drive to Springton Manor Farm and it only took them 15 minutes to get there. The photography class anticipated cold weather but were pleasantly surprised by the warmth of the afternoon. Mr. Vanemon’s class took an hour to roam the farm and take as many pictures as possible.

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