Springton Manor Field Trip Fun

Springton Manor is a historic farm that is part of a national historic district, in Wallace County Pennsylvania. The farm has has multiple buildings that make up the whole Springton Manor area. There are barns, sheds, spring houses, and a main house, which all contribute to such a beautiful historic and natural landscape. This amazing piece of history has been preserved from the 1700’s, originally being apart of William Penn’s manor.

Since the 1700’s to now, the Manor has evolved into a park that is free of admission and allows any park goers to walk and explore this site freely and naturally. The park is open daily and even contains a museum, displaying parts of this farm form nearly 300 years ago. The manor was originally a farm and still today maintains some of its farming practices. The manor still keeps animals such as: sheep, goats, and cattle all on the land, in order to convey a more original meaning to park comers.

The trip was a very interactive and enjoyable experience for all participants. It included a ride to and from the manor, and then a one hour period where advanced photography students were able to take pictures of the surrounding natural and historic beauty. The trip took place on a fairly comfortable fall day in november of 2017. The weather was slightly brisk, but warmer than normal for a late fall day. The sun provided warmth and a wonderful atmosphere for any photographer.


Thanks to chesco.org for historical and factual information.

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