Springton Manor


Springton Manor is built up of the Penn Oaks, family farm museum, a small pond, trails, scenic views, vegetable gardens and more. There is also a beautiful barn setup including the  Great Barn, sheep shed, goat shed, a roost and equipment shed. You may also see horses, donkeys, rabbits, calves, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens and peacocks. The Manor House and Carriage House oversee 300 acres of open pastures, century old sugar maples, and the Penn Oaks.

Springton Manor is also a property hunters can hunt on. To do this, hunters must apply for a spot in July, and hope their name is randomly selected. The Penn Oaks on the property are loved by deer. All throughout the beautiful property, the deer roam freely.

Mr.Vanemon and his 4th block advanced photography class took a field trip to Springton Manor in November 2017. The day was mostly sunny, and about average temperature in Pennsylvania right before Thanksgiving. When the bus arrived, some of the class went to see the animals, while others wandered around the pond and woods. All of the students had fun and took great pictures, Mr.Vanemon can’t wait to do it again.

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