St. Peters Village Trip

St. Peters is a historic 19th century industrial village at the falls of French Creek in Warwick Township. The town is located along a narrow ravine along French Creek. St. Peters is a good place for people of all ages because it offers activities like hiking, rock jumping/climbing, and swimming. St. Peters was also a weekend retreat in the 1900’s when the “Excursion Hotel” opened.

The large rocks in the stream come from erosion of diabase dikes above the stream. St. Peters Village has a bakery, glass blower shop, and many other stores that are along the street. St. Peters village also has a lot of infamous fishing spots. St Peters is now owned by a private owner and being preserved to be kept at its historic condition.

The advanced photography classes  field trip took place April 8, 2019. Mr. Vanemon and his class of eight students traveled to St. Petes in a van provided by Twin Valley High School. Once he students arrived to St.Petes they had time to take several genres of photographs. Many students went into the woods while others stayed near the creek.

Overall students had a fun time and got great photographs. The town was very desolate during the trip with very few people there at the time. Students also split into pairs to ensure that everyone was safe. The students photographs will be displayed at

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