Each of these photo are different place for different reason then first one was in maryland with me,my sister and my mom before we me and my sister had to head to a cheer camp over the summer.


This photo was taken with my Iphone 5c in a maryland Starbucks.

They first thing we did when we got to the mall was get StarBucks even though they are different drinks we still decided this would a great photo that day we were dress shopping for one of many dance even though most of us didn’t get along we still had fun. drinks

This photo was taken with many phones but i toke it with an Iphone 5c.

this was my first ever StarBucks me and my friend were heading to a cabin but who new that i would fish for the first time or do different thing with her, i like when we travel together we share are stories and we always have fun.  file_000-1

his was taken with an old Iphone I can’t remember the modal of the phone but i know it nickname was “the dinosaur” or it was taken with an Ipod.

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