The carnival fun

She may hide her face but on the inside she happy and the yellow face truly show how she feels tonight, plus making the yellow ball pop out from my sister face because she is hiding her true face but showing how she felt that night at the carnival.

the yellow face

This photo was taking at the Morgantown church carnival, it was taking right before we went on riding after she won this after playing a ballon popping game it was taken with an Iphone 6Se.

Black&White Color

This photo was taking also at the Morgantown church carnival right next to a cotton candy and candy apple stand also it was taken with an Iphone 6Se.





what happens when one color stands out or when one color dosen’t, the food stand show a lot of color but everything else looks better in black & white so one image show all the color while the other only show the food stand in color it color vs Black & white.

light up my night

While while waiting for the ride to starts the light surrounds my sisters face make this a night to remember, the light all so hide her face showing only major keys in my sisters face like in her class the reflection of the lights or what she was wearing that night. Like all the other photo this was taken at Morgantown church carnival but this was taken on one of the rides it was taken around at night with a Iphone 6Se. (model-Abigail Sammons~my sister)




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