the cheerleader

I first stared cheerleading when I was five years old the first time I cheered I didn’t know that I would up doing this for twelve years who new that this little girl would end up cheer for a football team to now cheering for a all star team. I sometimes think what happen if I didn’t do would have many friends, would I be still stuck in my room still alone but i’m glad this is one sport I love.


This photo is picture of me in flag cheerleading so i’m about five years old it was first time I made friends this was taken with an Iphone 5c because I wanted for an instagram.

Skip a couple of  years later when i’m in fifth grade and I meet my best friend maddy, even though we were two different people back then we still managed to stay friends, it still surprise me how we meet and how much we changed over the years she use to hate everyone, and I was geek who talk to much because I never had anyone to talk too(back then). Now that we have grown up we still have are difference I’m a geeky jock and she a country girl even though she dosen’t cheer anymore were still friends.


This was taken are freshman year in math class before we had a Friday night foot ball game it was taken with my old dinosaur Iphone or an old android phone.

after tenth grade  stopped cheer for school and stared cheer for an all star team it was the best decision I had ever made, I meet my two new friends Alesha and bri on that team, I got to try new thing experience new things. all the thing that I went threw over the years just started to slip away I got a away from all the drama, I showed the bullies that I can do anything I put my mine too, I also get to keep doing what love and I get to show those who are just starting out what its like to experience those things and one day I hope share my story to everyone in the world.


this photo was taken at the cheer even for the youth program with one the little girls who I coached her and the rest of her cheer team and this was taken with an Iphone 5c.

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