The structure of a building


Look at all those windows, how do think it took to build this? I wonder as I walk down the streets of Reading what will it look on the inside, there so many question going through my head but i’m wondering is there more?












This was taken in reading a central hall we went there after we visited the reading terminal market, this was taken right before i crossed the street and i was taken with my iphone 5c .


So this is what the inside looks like it dosen’t seam to much different from the outside but this stair well is making me wonder whats up there is something cool or is just more of the building? it keeps me interested on whats going on the second level of this build and I bet you want to know too.


This was taken on the inside of the reading central hall this one of two stair wells I don’t think there is anything on the second level but the photo keeps you interested on want to know whats up there, the photo was taken with my Iphone 5c.


If keep on going you end up in a different spot like Glinda the good which said “follow the yellow brick road”, so once so follow the halls you end up in a court yard. this is one of many towers that the building had, I wonder how many steps there are in this tower.


his was taken in the court year it had three towers, a sun dial and a huge door, when i took this photo i had to sit down to almost the whole thing in the picture, i toke this photo with my Iphone 5c.

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