Three Amazing Places

Standing outside my house waiting for the school bus to arrive I capture a beautiful moment when the suns about to rise,the clouds look amazing in morning sunlight. As look at the photo you see the road sign and see some of the house with an outline of the forest.


This was taking on the corner of morgantown in penn wood just before the bus came to take me to school this photo was taken with my Iphone 5c.

We took my grandmother who came all the way from Florida to Reading so we could enjoying a nice market we ended taken home lots of food this building show true reading You can truly see what going on during this photo,you can also many other building


This was taken last year(2015) in june, this was one of the many buildings in Reading, this type of photo is an panoramas taken with my Iphone 5c, the building was called center hall of reading.I want to show the whole building and truly show its structure.

As you look over to see the four foods stands, you wonder what type of food they are truly serving you is going to be something amazing or will be just something simply. Each of these stands show different amounts of colors and bright lights making the stand more exiting.

food stands

This photo taken at night at the morgantown church carnival, I toke this photo while I was riding the fairs wheel I toke this photo with my Iphone 6Se, I made sure the photo could fit and there lot of extra thing in the background so I decided to crop it.

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