TVHS French Honors Society

French Honor Society is a club offered to Twin Valley High School students who are participants in the French program. The club administered by French teacher Mrs. Koehler, meets in room 111 every other week at 7:00 am.

“French Honor Society is a great way to expand your understanding of the French language and have fun with all of your friends,” Mrs Koehler commented. The club is involved in several fun activities throughout the year in order to understand the culture. One of these activities includes going to different French inspired restaurants in the area. Students also host a student and faculty French breakfast once a year. With the help of Broadcast Journalism they also work with school announcements throughout World Language week, providing information about the French program.

One of the most rewarding aspects is the fact that students involved in this program help out other students struggling in French class by providing them with tutoring. Primarily, they help French I students learn and expand their knowledge in the French language.

New member Autumn Croy (10) stated,“I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge of the French language and increasing my understanding of it,” . In order to be a part of Twin Valley High Schools French Honor Society contact Mrs. Koehler. The primary condition is maintaining a grade of A in one’s current French class. Grades 10-12 are allowed to participate in French Honor Society, a fun and rewarding club to be involved in.


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