Twin Valley High School AP Art Field Trip 2019

Twin Valley AP Art toured Goggleworks art show in Reading. Goggleworks is an art enthusiast building, that will more often than not focus on a certain artist. However, once a year, they will use their studio space to let the youth of art shine. Goggleworks lets the schools in the area submit artwork for people to view and becomes “A creative explosion of visual voices” said Mrs.McKerns (the teacher in charge of the trip).

Not only were the students going to Goggleworks, but the students would also be going to the Reading Museum, along with the Planetarium attached to it, as well as, a glass-blowing studio to watch glass-blowers make a vase.

The Planetarium, although small, was very interesting and had a lot to offer. “This is so sick!” said Jocelyn Bird (12). The Planetarium began with a presentation in a “star lab” area. The “star lab” was a dome-roofed room so that the museum could properly simulate the sky as the human eye sees the night sky.  The presentation was about the Earth’s atmosphere and how it is being ruined by pollution and such. This was then transitioned into comparing Earth’s atmosphere’s future to how Venus’ atmosphere is now. The presentation ended on a quick lesson on constellations and how to find a few of them, as well as, planets and where we can see them this time of year at what time of day.

Following the planetarium, the AP art students made their way to the Public Reading Museum. Where, upon entering, were met with a staircase of history. At the end of this staircase was a giant stained glass window. On either side of the three-leveled building, were rooms to explore and learn about various things. Some were about Egyptian mummies and pharaohs, others were about animals and the food chain of various places in the world.

The day ended with the AP art students making their way back to a building next to the Goggleworks building (still owned by Goggleworks), where there was a glassblowing station, as well as, multiple glassblowers hard at work. The students got a chance to sit and watch the glassblowers work and make a vase. This process was shown start to finish, needless to say, many of the students enjoyed this part of the trip more than any other part of the trip.

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