Twin Valley High School Band

Twin Valley High School Band, instructed by Mr.Deardorf, is a elective taught to 76 students. High School Band does many things like practice strategies to get better playing instruments tips for ways to do it on your own at home which should be done 20-30 minutes everyday.

A basic schedule during Band in order is; warm ups, band music or test material, song practice, and watching videos on further practice tips. During warm ups, (approximately 10 minutes), students do breathing, long tones, and scale exercises. For band music and test material, also 10 minutes, students study music that they are going to perform for concerts. Finally, they do song practice consisting of finding favorite music to play.

Mr.Deardorf commented, “As you know I am a new faculty member here and I have felt very welcomed by the students, it is an honor to teach them everyday because they dedicate their time and attention to learning the music that I give them.” Mr.Deardorf is very proud to be teaching the students of Twin Valley  High School the importance of music.

Music is really important to the kids who participate in it. Ying Yeoh (10) commented, “It’s really fun to be a part of something here at Twin Valley, it makes me feel good to see how happy we make our parents when we do the winter and spring concerts for them to see how hard we have worked.”


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