Twin Valley High School Book Club

The Twin Valley High School Book Club is organized by Mrs. Jessica Miller, the school librarian. The club is also accompanied by Mr. Glen Moyer, 9th English teacher. There are roughly 15-20 members in the club who take part in current group discussions. Book Club meets during letter Flex H days, and sometimes after school.

The Book Club will tries to read one book every few weeks and talk about the book before, during, and after finishing. “As the school librarian, I have tried to keep students engaged in reading,” said Mrs. Miller. When they meet, the Book Club discusses many topics surrounding the book’s plot, deeper messages, allusions, and future novels they might read.

Book Club started in September, but is always accepting of new members. Since September, the club has read nine books covering various genres. Currently they are on their tenth book called “Bridge of Clay” by Mark Zusak. In order to continue the momentum of Book Club, members have to read and comprehend the book.

This year’s Twin Valley High School Musical and other outside activities have currently placed themselves trumped Book Club. So today the avid readers discuss what they believe will happen next in the story. “The kids who are in the club have other outside activities going on, such as the musical which I also am running. But the students still attempt to come to the meetings and take part in the book,” said Mrs. Miller. Book Club hopes to complete twelve books by the end of the school year.


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