Twin Valley High School Boys Track

Twin Valley High School Track is in full Spring 2019 swing, and Twin Valley’s best runners are hard at it again. The team runs whenever they can and meet to practice twice a week and sometimes three times a week if the weather permits. Their practice starts after school at three pm and ends at five pm .With the dedication of the players they are able to run in areas like Penn State, Lehigh University, and Yale University allowing them to run in new places and view the world around them. The players and coach will always excel at work and never have a bad moment.

Coach Brian Holden takes charge of the boys track team and prepares them with tough challenges every meet. “Working with these kids is an honor they always prove themselves and make me proud, winning or losing doesn’t matter, all that matters is the kids improve themselves and are able to make something of their talent” said Coach Holden. Coach Holden loves teaching the team new techniques and strategies and supports all their efforts. With the help of the players and parents cheering students on, Coach Holden is able to encourage runners to push their limits.

Dusting Rubincan (9) runs for the junior varsity team and enjoys the opportunities the sport offers. “Being able to run with you friends and compete with others is fun, we always have a good time on the field and enjoy the experiences we bring back with us” Dustin said. He runs with the hopes to one day be in the varsity team and push himself harder with future goals. He will never give up on his dream to be fast, stopping is never an option for him.

Boys track team is a wonderful sport filled with friends from all grades in the high school. The diversity of grade levels allows the older players to pass down information and help out the younger players willing to learn and try to become the best. They all bond over their ability to run and there is never a dull moment. When they see one member of there team starting to fall down they are not slow to get them back on their feet and push harder. Boys track is truly an exciting place to be and a competitive sport for both the team and the players looking to improve themselves.

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