A sweet surpise

On october 15 my mom surprised me with tickets to minefaire, these two characters are steve(left side of the photo) and the other one is a creeper(right side of the photo). I may be a big geek but that day I had the biggest simile and I got to meet so many minecraft youtubers.


This photo was taken with my Iphone 6Se in front of the Minefaire sign with two characters from the game minecraft.

This is the diamond stage that they where doing the main performs they had two stages, the four people on stage are some of the minecraft youtubers they are avitorgaming, gizzy gazzy, Megan plays and I don’t remember who the forth guy.they played videos on the side of stage and show the people too so fans in back could see them.


I toke this photos when they were doing a Q&A with the youtubers, I took this photo with my IPhone 6Se and they photo are of youtubers on the diamond stage.

This is one many youtubers that I meet at minefaire her name is shelby but her youtube name is shubble she one of many youtubers that I watch she is also a very sweet person. when she first stared out she was very shy but as time went by she lost the shyness and is very energetic, she a  role model to most children.


this photo was taken with my IPhone 6se I had to wait in line to get this photo and she sign a my autograph paper too she was one of four of the youtubers for that signing area.

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