Trip to St. Peters Village

St. Peter’s is a village located in the Hopewell Big Woods in Chester County. The village was built in 1860. Along with many little shops and a bed and breakfast, St. Peter’s is known for a lot of woods. In the woods there are thousands of rocks that people come to climb on, paths to hike on, and a swimming hole.  The rocks make a trail along the river which is safe for people, dogs, and horses to hike though.


This is one of the many little shops in the village.


This is the swimming hole.


This is a little building next to the swimming hole.


Climbing rocks at St. Peters


This picnic table that is  overlooking the swimming hole was signed by many people that have ate at that bench.


The rock at the bottom of the picture used to be used as a slide into the water for many children, including my grandfather, many years ago.


Other end of the swimming hole.


This little path leads to the rock trail.


More climbing rocks.


Huge pile of rocks at St. Peters.

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