A fun time

During the trip to springton manor we had a short bus ride to the farm and enjoyed the area.  My group members were sky, bre, and jared.  We walked around with sky very happy to see the small goats.  However they ignored her since they were too busy eating grass we fed them.  However we did still have fun while taking pictures of them with their mom.  

Springton Manor is a large farm accessible to the public.  It offers flexible guest hours along a large range of trails to explore in the woods.  It offers peace at mind with very little technology around.  Along with a small musume too explore and read the old tools and other small facts of the farm.

Some of the animals it includes were horses, sheep, goats, chickens, peacocks, and pigs however they were sent home since it was cold and they don’t have hair too keep them warm.  The animals are well kept along with some nice stray cats that hang out there.  They are fed and allowed to stay inside in return of keeping mice and other rodents away.  

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